Do others know how awesome your department is?

VIP Crowd makes it fun and rewarding for your co-workers, customers, or others in your network to stay up-to-date with what you’re working on and help out when they can.

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Stop Sending Emails No One Reads

Let’s be honest, nobody reads those company emails you send out about your department’s news.
VIP Crowd uses gamification to make it fun and rewarding to interact with other departments.

Recognize Successes

Share and celebrate your team’s successes.

Gather Feedback

Get an outside perspective on your team’s work.

Ask For Help

Ask others to help with challenges you’re facing.

Educate Others

Chances are others don’t know what your team actually does.

Get to Know Each Other

Highlight your awesome team members and learn about others.

Have Fun

Show others your team is more than just a department title.

How VIP Crowd Works

Invite VIPs

Whether it’s co-workers in other departments, customers, or anyone else, we call them VIPs and you control who you add in VIP Crowd.

Post Challenges

Post fun challenges for VIPs to complete such as sharing content on social, providing feedback, or recognizing a co-worker.

Reward Participation

VIP’s earn points for each challenge they complete. You control how many points are awarded and can set a monthly budget that works for you.

Example Uses of VIP Crowd

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