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What is the Difference Between Influencer Marketing and Advocate Marketing?

Influencer marketing and advocate marketing… Tomayto, tomahto? Not exactly. Influencer marketing is when a company leverages a thought leader such as a blogger or consultant to promote their brand. B2B marketers often utilize “micro-influencers,” or influencers within a specific industry … Read More


How to Identify Customer Advocates

We all know advocacy marketing is important. Advocacy marketing should rank right up there in your B2B marketing mix next to email, SEO, and social media marketing. One of the first challenges B2B marketers face when developing their advocate marketing … Read More


5 Signs You Could Benefit from an Advocate Marketing Program | Infographic

Advocate marketing is not the new kid on the block. Most companies do some sort of advocate marketing, even if that’s not what they call it. For years, B2B marketers have been approaching their best customers asking for referrals, case … Read More

My Thoughts on VIP Crowd’s Maternity Leave Policy After Returning Full Time

A while back, our CEO wrote a blog post about our maternity leave policy. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, make sure you check it out: My Attempt (as a Single Male With No Kids) to Create … Read More


VIP Crowd is Looking For More Midsize B2B Companies to Use Our Advocate Marketing Platform (for Free!)

In our last post, we explained what advocate marketing is and why you should care. The summary version: VIP Crowd is a platform that helps turn customers into advocates. We provide a platform where your customers can earn rewards, become … Read More


What is Customer Advocacy? …And Why You Should Care

The voice of B2B customers has never been so prominent. Between social media, online forums, and review sites, there are so many avenues for customers to speak out about brands. This is why it is more important than ever to … Read More


Free Marketing Tools for SMBs

Are you a startup or SMB looking for free marketing tools? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best free marketing tools available to marketers on a budget. From social media to SEO … Read More


5 Social Media Tools to Help Your Business

Looking for better ways to manage your social media marketing? Managing a concise social media strategy across multiple platforms is not easy. In order to effectively manage your social media marketing, it’s essential to have the right tools at your … Read More


9 Marketing Solutions to Consider In the New Year Based on B2B Marketing Trends

As we’re wrapping up 2017, here are a few marketing solutions to consider looking at in order to help you execute on some of the biggest B2B marketing trends. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools will continue to help marketers put data … Read More


Why You Should Get Fired At Least Once a Year

There’s nothing more invigorating than a fresh start. Whether it’s a new house, new diet, new job, new project or anything else new, the excitement and motivation is endless. You’re ready to attack and create some positive results. As the … Read More