12 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement


Employee engagement has been a hot topic for companies for quite some time, and for good reason. According to Gallup, 70% of the American workforce is not engaged.

With job-hopping on the rise, it’s more important than ever for companies to find new ways to boost employee engagement in order to find and retain top talent.

Here are 12 ways human resources professionals can increase employee engagement in their companies.

12 Tips to Increase Employee Engagement

1. Start with Onboarding
Employee engagement should start when the employee does. Your onboarding process should educate new hires with information like the company mission, policies, procedures, benefits, and culture. This is also the perfect time to introduce any employee engagement programs you already have and gather feedback on the onboarding process.

2. Encourage Volunteering
Time is valuable, and volunteering is the perfect way to remind your employees just how valuable their time can be, by giving back to others. Volunteering also inspires employees to work together and go above and beyond the call of duty.

3. Start an Employee Recognition Program
Your employees work hard, and often times that work doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Every company should have an employee recognition program – a program that allows employees to recognize their co-workers for a job well done. A little recognition goes a long way.

4. Celebrate with Fun Events
All work and no play is, well, just work. Incorporating fun events like lunches, happy hours, outings, etc. throughout the year is a great way for employees to get to know one another. It’s also a great way to reward your employees for their hard work.

5. Start an Employee Referral Program
Hiring a candidate from an employee referral offers numerous benefits. Studies have shown that when HR hires a referral it decreases time to hire, brings in top talent, drastically decreases the cost of hiring, and increases employee retention. Offering an incentive when employees give a referral (and maybe a bonus if that person is hired) helps boost the number of referrals your hiring team has coming in.

6. Rewards
Employees work hard and deserve to be rewarded! Reward employees for completing training, advocating for your company online, referring a candidate for a job opening, etc. Let them choose from rewards they actually want like gift cards, donations to charity, or fun tech products.

7. Offer Training Opportunities
If you want to engage your best employees, you need to invest in their growth. Help them grow professionally by offering leadership training or sending them to an industry conference once a year. These educational opportunities will help your employees do their jobs better and grow the company.

8. Transparency
Trust in the company and in management is essential to employee engagement. Employees want to be aware of short- and long-term goals of the company, and how their contributions are playing a role. Management needs to be open and communicative in order to achieve a high level of engagement.

9. Flexibility
Flexibility is quickly becoming a top priority for employees. A recent Gallup report found that perks such as having the option to work remotely or having their own office can influence a person’s decision to stay with or leave a company. As long as the work is meeting expectations, there is no reason to not give your employees a little leeway.

10. Create Friendly Competition
Gamification techniques and friendly internal competitions are a great way to motivate your employees to really push and go that extra mile. This could particularly help make work more fun during those high stress times like when you’re trying to meet end of the year goals.

11. Focus on Health & Wellness
Work can be very stressful. It’s important to focus on wellness and encourage your employees to eat healthy, exercise, and offer ways to manage stress. This could be as easy as stocking healthy snacks in the breakroom or reimbursing for gym memberships.

12. Provide an Inspiring Work Environment
Staring at cubicle walls under fluorescent lighting is far from inspiring. If you want employees to be engaged, you need to provide an engaging environment. This could be as simple as putting up colorful artwork or making sure there’s a lot of natural light.

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