How Content Marketing Can Benefit from an Advocacy Marketing Program


Content marketing is at the heart of almost every B2B marketing department.

According to B2B Content Marketing: 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America, 91 percent of respondents say they use content marketing. And out of the 9 percent that don’t, over half of them plan to launch content marketing efforts within the next 12 months.


However, every marketer who has helped curate content knows how difficult it is to produce well-written white papers, case studies or eBooks that resonate with their target audience.

But the best-in-class B2B marketing departments have found a way to tap into their most passionate customers to create more (and better) content that brings in more leads than ever before.

What is Advocacy Marketing?

Advocacy marketing (aka advocate marketing or customer advocacy) is the process of harnessing the voices and experiences of your company’s customers to power your marketing and engagement strategies.

…That was pretty formal. In short, advocacy marketing is the process of identifying your most passionate customers and motivating them to spread the word about your company’s product/service.

B2B companies with a competitive edge who want to develop an advocacy program are now investing in platforms to create a more scalable, organized and focused program. Advocacy marketing platforms allow B2B companies to create challenges for their customers to complete and reward those customers for their advocacy with points which can be exchanged for prizes. Not only are these companies receiving more customer referrals, references, and product feedback – but they’re also able to produce higher quality content that generates higher engagement.

4 Ways Advocacy Marketing Can Give Your Content Marketing a Boost

1. Create more relevant topics by asking your advocates what they’d like to learn about.
Want to make sure your white paper topic is on point? No one can provide better input than your customers. With an advocate marketing platform, companies can take their content piece topics and create a challenge by asking customers to vote for their favorite topic. Providing feedback takes only seconds for your advocates to complete, and they’ll earn points for their efforts.



2. Include more customer quotes and testimonials in your content to build trust and authenticity.
The best content pieces are sprinkled with customer success stories, quotes, and testimonials. Create a challenge to find customers to be featured in your next content piece. Don’t forget to communicate how this will benefit your customer by positioning their company as an industry leader and themselves as a thought leader.



3. Find more customers willing to do case studies and success stories.
Feel like you’ve been relying on the same case studies or customer success stories for the past couple of months? Create a challenge to help you find more customers who are willing to be interviewed for a case study. Share details about what the process will look like within the challenge so customers understand what the commitment entails.



4. Reach a wider audience with more social shares.
If you want your content to be successful, it needs to be shared. You can share content from all your company’s social profiles (and you should), but it’s going to resonate more with your target audience if other people are sharing it. Trying to reach a wider audience on LinkedIn? Create a challenge asking advocates to share your latest video with their LinkedIn network. You can even provide them with copy for the actual update.



Your advocates are out there and, with the right tools, your company can identify and mobilize them – taking your content to the next level with advocacy marketing.

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