Anonymous Employee Feedback Boosts Employee Engagement


Collecting employee feedback is essential in order to increase employee engagement and satisfaction levels. It is every managers responsibility to provide regular feedback to their employees, and this doesn’t mean waiting around for an annual review. Research shows employees who are highly engaged at work receive employee feedback at least once a week.

The Importance of Anonymous Employee Feedback

Given the importance of employee feedback, it’s imperative for companies to ensure employees feel safe and comfortable providing open and honest feedback. For many employees, this means allowing them to submit their feedback anonymously.

While some worry that anonymous employee feedback can lead to distrust, Harvard Business Review have shown “when employees can voice their concerns freely, organizations see increased retention and stronger performance.”

The fact is anonymity is the only way some employees feel comfortable enough to share their opinions. By not allowing for anonymous feedback, companies take away the only avenue for some employees to express their opinions.

When executed correctly, anonymous employee feedback can help companies boost response rates, along with employee satisfaction and engagement rates.

How to Collect Anonymous Employee Feedback with VIP Crowd

Collecting employee feedback is just one of the many things companies using VIP Crowd do to help increase employee engagement. Here is how companies are collecting employee feedback anonymously with VIP Crowd:

1. Create a challenge requesting employee feedback.

When collecting feedback through a VIP Crowd challenge, managers can select the option for responses to be anonymous in order to protect the privacy of their employees.

2. Employees complete the challenge anonymously, and earn rewards for completion.

Once an employee completes the challenge they earn a pick towards VIP Crowd’s Loneliest Number game at no cost to you. Managers can also award bonus points to be used towards gift cards, donations to charity, and other rewards, all managed by VIP Crowd. In order to protect privacy, any points a VIP earns through an anonymous challenge are not visible to managers.

3. Managers can continue to gather feedback while the VIP remains anonymous.

After a VIP has completed an anonymous challenge, the conversation between the manager and the VIP can continue in VIP Crowd, with the VIP’s identity still remaining anonymous. This means managers can ask follow up questions or request more details, and the VIP can respond knowing their privacy is protected.

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