Cost Per Meeting is a Much Better Metric Than Cost Per Lead

Pretty much every B2B company tracks their cost per lead. It is a vital metric for them. And while I’m not saying it isn’t important—I am arguing cost per meeting is much better. Cost Per Lead is Too Subjective What … Read More


A Simple Slack Channel Which Helps Our Remote Team

We’re 100% remote at VIP Crowd. It has some challenges but definitely more positives than negatives. I’m sure I’ll write more detailed posts on all of the tools we use in the future. If you want a full guide from … Read More


What is a Company VIP?

Every company and every department within a company has one or more VIPs… At least every successful company/department. They might not have a “C” or a “VP” in front of their title, but they are crucial to the success of … Read More


Excuses Lazy People Make in Business

Over the years, I’ve talked to and worked with a lot of professionals in the business world. Whether it was co-workers, people I met at networking events, clients when I was in public accounting, or people I was trying to … Read More


My Attempt (as a Single Male With No Kids) to Create a Better Maternity Leave Policy

Anyone reading this probably knows I like to challenge the status quo. I mean, I started a whole company around it. Our motto at VIP Crowd is “always be curious.” This goes beyond just finding new products and services or … Read More


My 2017 New/Old Year’s Resolution: Day 1

It’s November 9th, and I’m thinking about how I need to get more consistent with my blog posts (and future podcast episodes). I was thinking this could be a good New Year’s resolution for 2018. But screw that. That’s an … Read More