The 10 Best Employee Benefits


It’s no secret: employee benefits are a huge factor in recruiting and retaining top talent. A recent SHRM survey on job satisfaction and engagement showed the majority (92%) of employees said benefits are important to their overall job satisfaction.

As a result, we’ve seen companies offering an array of unique workplace benefits in order to keep their employees satisfied:

  • Google: From free food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to on-site haircuts and laundry/dry cleaning services, Google is well-known for offering employees unique workplace perks.
  • Zappos: Not only does Zappos offer their employees pet insurance and monthly outings, but they even have a nap room for employees to rejuvenate and recharge.
  • Facebook: Facebook gives $4,000 “baby cash” to new parents, on-site health and dental care, and a video game arcade.

But you don’t need to be Google or Facebook to offer workplace benefits your employees love. Recently, we polled our VIP Crowd users who work for companies of all sizes, spanning across many different industries, to find out what employee benefits they are most thankful for in their workplace. Check out the infographic below to see the results.

10 Workplace Benefits Employees Love


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