Stop Looking For the Best Time to Send an Email


Working in digital marketing for the past seven years, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten the question, “What is the best time to send an email?”


I’ve spent countless hours reading industry research, analyzing my email data and A/B testing in order to come up with that perfect time to send an email. Industry studies boast that the best time to send an email is “definitely Tuesdays at 10am,” and “don’t even think about sending an email on Saturdays.”

But, the truth is, there is no best time to send a marketing email.

One Time Does Not Fit All

I have a really close group of girlfriends. We all used to work together (in marketing!). All of us have since taken our careers in different directions, but we still manage to stay in touch. I love my friends, but nothing is more painful than coming to an agreement on when we can all get together. Trying to find one time that works for everyone is like pulling teeth. If five friends struggle to agree on one time, how can you expect to find one time that works for your entire database?

Trying to find one time to send a marketing email is doing you, your customers/prospects, and your company a disservice because…

…One time does not fit all!

Everyone runs on a different schedule. There is not one time in any given day that is going to be optimal for everybody.

There’s a Better Way to Deliver Emails

If you’re using tools like Hubspot and Marketo to send your emails, you have data that tells you when each individual in your database is most likely to open and click through the emails you are sending. So, why not personalize the email send times so that each person is receiving your email at the time they are mostly likely to respond? Using tools like Seventh Sense, marketers are able to do just.

Seventh Sense takes the data you already have, cleans and analyzes it, and provides predictive analytics for sales and marketing processes. This means that for every person in your database, Seventh Sense will predict the time each individual is mostly likely to respond to your email. Then, you can set up your email to deploy at each person’s optimal send time… Maximizing on your database’s potential for open, click through and conversion rates. What marketer doesn’t want to see those results?!

The future of marketing is in predictive analytics, and guess what? It’s here.

Learn More About Seventh Sense

For more information on Seventh Sense or if you’d like to see a demo, you can request a vendor meeting in the VIP Crowd App, and earn $15 for charity once the meeting is completed.

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