3 Types of Content That Actually Make Prospects Buy


Nothing trips my marketing trigger quite like a finely crafted infographic.

The best infographics take powerful data and present it in a simple, visual way that tells a story as you scroll down the page… Definitely worthy of a tweet and then you can move on with your day.

Don’t get me wrong – infographics are a powerful way to build brand awareness and nudge potential customers through the top of the funnel by catching their attention and peaking their interest. However, when it comes to making purchasing decisions, other types of content are going to do a better job of helping you turn prospects into customers.

Content That Turns Prospects Into Customers

  1. Customer Stories
    Case studies, success stories, customer spotlights, customer videos – call it what you will – social proof pushes prospects from the discovery phase to the consideration phase. By seeing how other people are using your product/service to improve their business, prospects are able to visualize how your solution could be used in their own company. Ideally, prospects should be able to see how companies of a similar size in the same industry use your solution. This increases relevancy, making it more likely the prospect will buy.
  2. Online Reviews
    Buyers who do their due diligence will always read online reviews about your company and product. When prospects read online reviews they’re looking to get the inside scoop from your customers. Knowing there are other people out there using your solution helps prospects feel validated in their decision. Companies that have been around for a while and don’t have many online reviews risk making prospects question their decision and back out of a potential deal.
  3. Testimonials
    Customer testimonials are a powerful tool. For a customer to give a testimonial means they’re willing to put their name behind your product and brand publicly. Testimonials are what’s going to get prospects to pull the trigger and buy your product.

How to Get More Bottom of the Funnel Content

The issue with these types of content is they’re harder to create than an infographic. Case studies, online reviews, and testimonials all require some level of participation from your customers in order to create them. So how do some B2B companies have so much customer content while other struggle to get one case study? The difference is in advocacy marketing.

Advocacy marketing makes it easier for B2B companies not just to get customer stories, online reviews, and testimonials, but also customer reference, referrals, and more by rewarding customers for their time and attention.

How does advocacy marketing work?

The Exclusive Invite
Create an advocacy program that is exclusive to only your best customers. Identifying customer advocates is easy. They’re the customers who are already singing your praises, talking about you on social media, and utilizing your product/service like a pro. These are the best customers to invite to your advocacy program from the get go because their enthusiasm is contagious and will surely catch on.

Utilize Gamification to Initiate Action
Gamification is the process of applying certain elements of playing a game (i.e., earning points, creating competition, earning rewards, etc.) in order to increase engagement in a “non-game” setting. With an advocacy marketing program this means creating challenges that advocates can complete to earn points. Previously, you may have just asked a customer over the phone if they want to participate in a case study. With an advocacy program, you make participating in a case study more appealing by framing it in a game context where they can be rewarded for their participation. In short, it makes it seem more fun.

Motivate Action with Rewards
For each challenge an advocate completes, award them with points. Points can be accumulated and redeemed to earn rewards that your advocates actually want. Offer top notch rewards like branded swag, gift cards, tech products like Apple watches or Amazon Echos, and more.

Everyone wins with advocacy programs – and customers get to have fun and earn rewards for their time and attention, and you get more content that will help turn your prospects into customers.

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