Creating an Advocate Playground


I recently got back from a trip to Las Vegas. I was there to attend a friend’s wedding, and it was also the first vacation I’ve taken since I found out I was pregnant with my now one-year-old son. First time (and probably second and third time) parents can relate to how difficult, yet very needed this vacation was for me.

For four days I set aside work and parenthood. I slept in, laid by the pool, went ziplining in downtown Las Vegas, went to a show, threw a little money into the casinos (and lost), and actually got to sit down and enjoy my food. It was amazing! Regardless, by the last day, not only could I not wait to get home to my son, but I was excited to get back to work.

We saw Absinthe which took place in a spiegeltent in front of Caesar’s Palace. Here it is pictured with The Comopolitan and Bellagio in the background.


The Importance of Taking Breaks from Work

Taking time away from the daily grind makes you take a fresh look at your work from different angles. According to Psychology Today, research shows that taking regular breaks at work increases our engagement, which is highly correlated with productivity.

This doesn’t mean you need to go to Las Vegas whenever you need a break from work. People take breaks from their work all the time – checking email, scrolling through Facebook, taking a walk, grabbing a snack, etc. This got me thinking about advocacy marketing.

How to Create a Playground for Customer Advocates

Why not create a “playground” for customer advocates within your advocacy marketing platform? By incorporating fun challenges along with your strategic challenges, you create a fun place for customers to come when they need a break from the daily grind. Plus, having your advocacy program accessible via browser AND mobile app makes it even easier for customers to use.

Here are some examples of fun challenges:

Example 1 – National Pet Day


Example 2 – Ask us a question about working from home


Example 3 – Name Our New Holidays


How are you creating an advocate playground?

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