What is a Customer Rewards Hub?


At VIP Crowd, our main goal is to help companies build stronger relationships with their customers, and turn their best customers into advocates.

B2B businesses have been working hard to bring the customer-centric focus to life company-wide. This focus on improving the overall customer experience throughout the entire customer journey — from the first experience someone has with a brand to the post-sales processes and beyond — is what creates truly loyal customers.

VIP Crowd’s customer rewards hub helps companies put their customers at the center of their businesses. Similar to a traditional customer advisory board (or council), our customer rewards hub is a place where companies can work with their top customers to create solutions that better align with their evolving needs.

What is a Customer Rewards Hub?

Our customer rewards hub uses gamification and incentives to reward top customers for providing valuable insights and advocating for your brand.

How It Works:

Companies post challenges for their customers to complete.
Challenges are one-on-one activities customers can complete, such as: providing product/service feedback, sharing content on social media, writing online reviews, or even just answering fun questions that help companies get to know their customers better.

Customers interact with you and each other on discussion boards.
Discussion boards are used for group challenges to get users interacting with each other. Group challenges could include: sharing different use cases for solution, sharing product innovation ideas, and exchanging quick tips and tricks.

Customers earn points for completing challenges.
Customers are awarded points each time they complete a challenge or participate in a discussion board. Points can been redeemed for rewards such as gift cards, donations to charity, and tech products.

A customer rewards hub is a fun way to gather powerful insights and advocacy from your customers while also driving loyalty.

Learn More About VIP Crowd’s Customer Rewards Hub

Interested in seeing a demo or learning more about our customer rewards hub? Contact us on our website. We’d love to see if it’s a good fit for your company!

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