Our goal at VIP Crowd is to help business professionals find solutions that will improve their business. There are so many great products and services available, but the challenge is finding them. And finding the time to find them.

Vendors try to get your attention through cold calling, emails, and marketing. Unfortunately, for every product that would benefit your company, there are 20 more banging at your door which add no value and aren’t relevant at all.

VIP Crowd makes it easier for our users (we call them VIPs) by promoting featured vendor solutions which we have pre-screened. VIPs can also tell us about a vendor that they want to meet with. In that a situation, we reach out to the vendor, and schedule a meeting for them. In both cases, we pay money to the VIP’s favorite charity just for taking a meeting with a vendor to learn more.

The Traditional Sales Model

One issue with this and any traditional sales model is the vendor needs to ask some basic discovery questions. For example, at my old company, TermSync, we sold a billing and collections product. We needed to know things like the average number of invoices a company sends each month, a description of how/when they reach out to customers about late payments, do they send account statements, etc. Basic information but stuff that is not publicly available.

Wouldn’t it be easier if vendors already had this info before they even called?

Obviously you wouldn’t share private data, but there’s nothing secret about those high level questions. If vendors had access to that information, a lot of time would be saved on both sides.

Even though the information doesn’t include any company secrets, you still probably don’t want to post it for the world to see. It would inevitably lead to even more unwanted sales calls. You’re not going to post it on LinkedIn as most of us already receive too much spam on there.

A Better Way to Connect VIPs with Solution Vendors

I feel we’ve come up with a better way which we’re starting to test:

  1. VIPs have the option to fill out a form describing their current process. Again, an example is someone involved with accounts receivable would describe the information I mentioned above.
  2. Vendors that we have vetted will be able to see the information. If they think their product/service can help the VIP’s existing process, they send a message through VIP Crowd. They pay to send the message, though, so they need to be confident that they could add value. We also put measures in place to ensure they send the message through VIP Crowd and don’t cold call or email.
  3. If the VIP wants to learn more, they schedule a meeting. If they don’t want to learn more, they can ignore it or provide a short reason why to the vendor.
  4. The VIP’s charity receives money once the meeting is complete. Charities also receive a small sum even if the VIP didn’t take the meeting but did provide a reason why they weren’t interested.

Pretty simple process that works for everyone.

VIPs learn about solutions that they probably didn’t even know existed which can help their business. And they do so without being overwhelmed with spammy cold calls and emails.

Vendors get meetings with their ideal potential customers.

Charities get funding.

Try Out VIP Crowd for Free

We’re starting this with the some featured areas in accounting, HR, and marketing. If you’d like to participate as a VIP, please download the VIP Crowd app, and we’ll send you more information. If you’re a vendor and would like to have access to targeted prospects, you can fill out the form on the Featured Solutions page of our website. You can also post a comment or question below.

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