4 Things I Hope Members Will Get Out of Wisconsin HR Innovators


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I’ve recently taken on the exciting, but not so easy, task of recruiting the brightest and most innovative HR professionals in Wisconsin to join VIP Crowd’s newest focus group: Wisconsin HR Innovators.

Our goal is to help HR professionals learn about different products and services that can help them do their jobs even better. Technology is powerful, but it can be overwhelming. Wisconsin HR Innovators helps HR professionals learn about different technologies in a fun way that doesn’t bombard them with emails/phone calls.

Below are four things I hope members get out of Wisconsin HR Innovators.

4 Benefits of Joining Wisconsin HR Innovators

1. Increased awareness around what technologies are being used by human resources professionals

There are so many valuable products and services besides an HRIS. (That’s not to downplay the importance a good HRIS!) My point is there’s a lot of areas to explore: employee engagement, performance management, employee surveys, HR analytics, and more. With Wisconsin HR Innovators, we want to help HR professionals learn about all the different products and services available, including offerings from many great local companies.

2. Build confidence to proactively move HR into a strategic role in their organizations

The role of HR professionals has changed dramatically. Technology is allowing HR to automate and expedite administrative processes like timesheet tracking and payroll. This leaves more time for HR to focus on more strategic initiatives that can help grow their companies. We hope Wisconsin HR Innovators can help HR professionals not only learn where they can automate and be more efficient, but also where they can grow the organization strategically.

3. Improve industry solutions by providing feedback and insights to vendors

In order to deliver the best solutions to help HR do their jobs better, vendors rely on the feedback from the professionals who are using (or would use) their products and/or services. By providing valuable feedback, HR professionals can shape the way industry solutions are being built – which will ultimately make their jobs easier.

4. Help bring some lighthearted fun to work.

Research has shown us that taking breaks during the work day can improve health and increase productivity. This is especially important for HR professionals who work hard and have to deal with various sensitive, difficult situations. Wisconsin HR Innovators is powered by VIP Crowd, an engagement platform that motivates users to complete quick activities (like learning about different HR technologies) with gamification and rewards. In other words, it’s really fun! There’s a weekly game called The Loneliest Number where you can win prizes like an Apple Watch or $250 Amazon gift card. Plus, winners always get to donate $100 towards the charity of their choice.

As HR moves into more of a strategic role within companies, it is an exciting time to be working in the HR field. I hope Wisconsin HR Innovators can arm HR professionals with the tools they need to keep pushing their role within their organizations forward.

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