Can You Guess the Loneliest Number in VIP Crowd?


Recently, we launched a free weekly game that our users are going crazy over. It’s called The Loneliest Number, and each week we give away a fun product (i.e., $200 Amazon gift card, Nintendo Switch, Apple Watch, etc.) to the winner plus $100 to their favorite charity.

How It Works

vip-crowd-loneliest-numberPick a number! The person that picks the lowest unique number wins. For example:

  • Bob – 1
  • Susan – 1
  • John – 2
  • David – 3
  • Emily – 4
  • Susan – 4

The winner of the Loneliest Number would be John since he picked the lowest number that nobody else picked.

How to Earn Picks

To earn picks (or guesses) for the Loneliest Number game, you just need to complete challenges on VIP Crowd. A challenge is a simple action such as sharing content on social, answering a question, or providing product feedback. We (VIP Crowd) post a couple challenges each week. Featured companies can also post their own challenges for their employees or customers to complete.

Each completed challenge is worth at least one pick in the Loneliest Number game. Complete multiple challenges to get multiple picks. You can guess up to 10 numbers each week and any unused picks carry over to the next week’s game.

…But Why?

Because it makes it fun for people to help companies they work with, and they can earn prizes for themselves and their favorite charity!

Think you can guess the Loneliest Number? – Give it a shot!

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How to Become a Featured Company

Want to give your customers and/or employees a chance to win Loneliest Number while helping you out? Start your free 30-day trial today.

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