9 Marketing Solutions to Consider In the New Year Based on B2B Marketing Trends


As we’re wrapping up 2017, here are a few marketing solutions to consider looking at in order to help you execute on some of the biggest B2B marketing trends.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools will continue to help marketers put data into action.

AI tools use machine learning to optimize processes and workflows without the need for human intervention. What does that mean for marketers? Your marketing campaigns will be smarter. Instead of launching a campaign and measuring results, AI tools allow you to measure and adjust the campaign as it’s happening, optimizing for the best possible results based on user behavior.

AI Marketing Solutions to Consider:

CaliberMindcalibermind-logo analyzes language in your CRM and marketing automation tools as well as social networks to build buyer personas and recommend communication.


Seventh Senseseventh-sense-logo reads and analyzes your email data and deploys your marketing emails at the right time and frequency for each person in your database.


Driftdrift-logo uses bots to qualify your website visitors, identify which sales rep they should talk to, and books time on their calendar to have a conversation… all in real time!

Micro-influencer marketing for B2B solutions will become an integral part of your marketing strategy (if it isn’t already).

It may not be relevant to have one of the latest contestants on The Bachelor endorse your SaaS solution. However, it is very relevant to have micro-influencers within a niche industry sharing your content with their social followers. Influencer marketing adds a level of authenticity to your marketing, and expands the reach of your brand. Followers of micro-influencers want to stay on top of the latest news and trends in their industry. If influencers are writing about your B2B solution or sharing your content, it’s going to have a huge impact on your marketing efforts.

Influencer Marketing Solutions to Consider:

Traackrtraackr-logo is an influencer relationship management (IRM) platform that helps marketers manage, discover and vet influencers in their industry.


Pitchboxpitchbox-logo is an influencer outreach and content marketing platform that helps marketers easily find bloggers, influencers and publishers through keyword searches and set up personalized outreach and follow up.


vip-crowdVIP Crowd is a rewards hub that helps companies discover and manage their customer and employee advocates at scale – driving more references, reviews, social activity, and user-generated content.

Video marketing is growing and expanding more than ever.

Between live streaming, 360 videos, virtual reality and augmented reality, it’s no secret that video marketing is exploding. In fact, according to a survey by Buffer, 83% of respondents said if there were no obstacles (such as resources, time, budget) they would want to create more video content. This facet of content marketing requires a different skill set that marketers need to be thinking about. Luckily, there are solutions out there to help.

Video Marketing Solutions to Consider:

Vidyardvinyard-logo is a video marketing platform that helps marketers create, manage and measure interactive and personalized videos – turning viewers into sales-ready leads.


Shakrshakr-logo is a video creation platform that offers professional-designed templates making it easier for marketers to create video content to market their business.


Slidelyslidely-logo is a social video creation platform that provides marketers with footage, music and an editor allowing them to easily customize and share social videos.


What marketing solutions is your company looking into in 2018?

For more information on any of the vendors above or if you’d like to see a demo, you can request a vendor meeting in the VIP Crowd App, and earn $15 for charity once the meeting is completed.

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