The Power of Mini Breaks


If you’re like me (a human), then you likely take several mini breaks throughout the day. These are the brief moments where you step away mentally from whatever you’re working on.

Mini breaks can occur when you’re waiting for a meeting to start, in an Uber, at the airport, when you finish one task but aren’t ready to start another, or maybe even while you’re in the bathroom.

I would guess that the average person does this at least 5-10 times during the work day and probably 20 more times outside of work (especially during TV commercials).

The time is often spent on your phone doing things like checking Facebook, scrolling through Twitter, checking email, logging into your fantasy football site, etc.

Some people can get out of control with these breaks, but most of us still get all of our work done. In fact, I’d say I get more done as I use these breaks to step away for a couple minutes when my wheels are spinning.

VIP Crowd Helps Companies Benefit From Mini Breaks

VIP Crowd is a fun engagement hub where individuals earn points by completing short challenges posted by some of their favorite companies. Examples include: sharing an article on LinkedIn, answering a short survey question (not a long, boring survey), providing feedback on a new product feature, voting on something, or fun things like sharing a picture of your pet.

There’s nobody hounding you to connect with them or buy something — just fun activities posted by companies that you choose to follow.

Users earn points for completing challenges which can be redeemed for prizes. There are also fun games & contests to participate in. The key to all of it is keeping it short and fun.

Realistically, what we’re selling is attention. In today’s world, most people’s attention spans are quite short. If an average person takes 100 of these mini breaks during a week (which is probably low), we want our clients to grab their attention for at least two or three of them. VIP Crowd’s fun engagement hub accomplishes that and results in more powerful customer and/or employee engagement than ever seen before.

If you’d like to learn more about VIP Crowd, check out our website or contact us.

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