VIP Crowd Employee Spotlight: Evan Short

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VIP Crowd Employee Spotlight: Sarah Joiner

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Leadership Lessons Learned: Hire Moms

So far in 2018, I’ve done a terrible job of writing blogs. Things are picking up at VIP Crowd, and I’ve let my blog posts slide. In an effort to change this, I will be sharing a series of posts … Read More

Employee Advocacy: Just as Important as Customer Advocacy

91 percent of B2B buyers are influenced by word-of-mouth when making buying decisions (The Incite Group). We often refer to this well-known statistic when talking about the importance of advocacy marketing with respects to customer advocacy. However, customers aren’t the … Read More

My Thoughts on VIP Crowd’s Maternity Leave Policy After Returning Full Time

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7 Ways to Promote Curiosity in the Workplace

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My Attempt (as a Single Male With No Kids) to Create a Better Maternity Leave Policy

Anyone reading this probably knows I like to challenge the status quo. I mean, I started a whole company around it. Our motto at VIP Crowd is “always be curious.” This goes beyond just finding new products and services or … Read More