7 Steps to Get More Customer Referrals

Customer referrals are by far the most effective and cost-effective way to drive new business. In fact, referral leads convert 30% better than any other marketing channels (R&G Technologies). Yet, only 29% of sales people actually ask for referrals (Texas … Read More


VIP Crowd Pro: Fun Way to Keep Your Small Business Top of Mind

VIP Crowd is looking for small business owners and professional service providers to be featured in their popular Weekly Loneliest Number game. It is a fun, easy way for professional service providers to stay top-of-mind with clients and get referrals. … Read More


How to Improve Your Customer Referral Program

Asking a customer for a referral can leave you feeling as if you’re asking someone on a first date (pre-Tinder days). Nervous. Awkward. Unsure. However, we all know customer referrals are the best kinds of leads: 91% of B2B buyers … Read More