5 Biggest Contributors to Employee Retention – Infographic

The effects of an employee leaving the company – whether voluntary or involuntary – can be very damaging. Employee turnover is expensive and results in a loss of knowledge/expertise, lower productivity, and a decrease in employee morale. The U.S. Bureau … Read More


The Key to Employee Engagement: Help Employees Find a Sense of Purpose

Today’s employee environment has changed. Not only has technology transformed the way work gets done, but it has drastically changed the expectations employees have for their employer. Gone are the days of finding satisfaction working in a cubicle from 9-5, … Read More


7 Tips for Managing Millennials & Keeping Them Engaged

A recent Gallup study found that only 29% of employed millennials are engaged at work, with another 16% of millennials being actively disengaged. This indifference millennials have towards their work has lead to job-hopping. It’s not so much that millennials … Read More