VIP Crowd Employee Spotlight: Alexa Lindsey



How did you end up working in your field and at VIP Crowd?

In school and life, I always enjoyed activities that allowed me to be creative, which is why I started out as a design major in college. It was there that I realized I also really liked the strategic aspect of creating and distributing content that lead to my switch to marketing.

I ended up at VIP Crowd because I worked for Mark Wilson, our CEO, at TermSync and had the opportunity to work for him again here.

What is your favorite part about working at VIP Crowd?

This is kind of an extension of the first question — my favorite part is that I get to utilize my design and marketing background on a daily basis. No day is the same and I am always encouraged to try new things in order expand my skill set.

Tell us about your role at VIP Crowd.

I focus mostly on our brand and the design of all of our marketing efforts (website, email, content/collateral), as well as the design of our platform.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?


Spend time with family and friends. That’s such a lame answer but it’s the truth. I have a nearly 1-year-old baby boy and a 7-year-old dog that I am pretty much obsessed with. 🙂

What is one of the coolest things you’ve ever done/experienced?

Standing under the Eiffel Tower, climbing ancient Mayan Ruins, sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge…just having the opportunities I’ve had to see different areas of the world. Also, having a baby was pretty cool.


Fast Facts:

  • Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy or pretty much anything starring Will Ferrell. 
  • Favorite Restaurant: Cafe Hollander or The Old Fashioned | Madison, WI. But I’d also never turn down Culver’s.
  • Beverage of Choice: Milk. I’d drink Milk all the time if it was socially acceptable to do that in public!
  • Last Book You Read: If I’m being honest… Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker
  • Phobia: The Dark
  • Childhood Dream: I don’t remember for certain, but probably to be a performer of some sort.


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