A few months ago, we started a side project called VIP Crowd. This was a result of a handful of – I’ll call them – annoyances that I’ve experienced over the past few years in the B2B world. In future posts, I’ll go into details on these and how we plan to solve them.

Today, though, I’m excited to announce we’re officially going all in on VIP Crowd. We’ve scrapped our other projects, changed the company name, are about to close a seed round, and are full steam ahead.

You can check out the site and/or download the (beta) app in both app stores to learn more about VIP Crowd.

There are six key theories that drive me at VIP Crowd which I cannot wait to prove and expand upon:

  1. Always Be Curious: Every business professional will be more successful if he/she takes at least one meeting per month with a vendor (salesperson).
  2. Cost Per Meeting Model: Cost per meeting is superior to cost per click or cost per impression for all stakeholders in the B2B world.
  3. Time and Attention: Time and attention are the most valuable assets.
  4. Charity: Giving back to the community pays for itself numerous times over.
  5. Scaling the Unscalable: Focusing on the “unscalable” is a great way to scale.
  6. Culture: Culture matters more than anything else when running a business.

If you’d like to learn more about those points & others and follow our journey at VIP Crowd, please subscribe to this blog by entering your email on the top right side of this screen. There might be some prizes involved for early followers…

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