Customer Advocacy Designed for the Customer

Everyone knows B2B buyers listen to peers more than ads.

We make it easy and fun for customers to tell your story.

Turn Customers into Advocates

For Vendors

Unlock the power of your customers by inviting them to join your advocacy marketing program. We make it easy to set up challenges and reward your customers for promoting your brand through testimonials, referrals, reviews, and more. We manage all of the rewards for you and have designed the platform to ensure customers stay engaged.

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Earn Rewards from Your Favorite Vendors

For Customers (VIPs) of Vendors

Business professionals earn rewards by completing challenges posted by your vendors. Even if you don’t have any existing vendors on VIP Crowd, you can earn points by reviewing new vendor products and completing fun challenges posted by VIP Crowd. We value your insights and feedback and want to reward you for it.

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