VIP Crowd's Customer Advisory Hub

Our customer advisory hub uses gamification and incentives to give your best customers a place to provide feedback, learn from each other, and help grow your business.

Unleash the Voice of Your Customer

VIP Crowd’s customer advisory hub utilizes the power of one of your biggest assets – your loyal customers. Reward your top customers for advocating for your brand and providing feedback on your products/services.

How It Works

Create Challenges

Engage your top customers by creating challenges for them to complete. Challenges are any activity that encourages action from your customer. Challenges can include:

Product Reviews

Boost your ratings on third party websites with authentic customer reviews.

Social Community

Grow your social presence with followers, shares, and user generated content.

Customer Stories

Generate more case studies, testimonials, and videos from your customers.

Customer Referrals

Get personalized introductions to prospects from your customers.

Event Attendance

Increase attendance at your webinars, user groups, and conferences.

Product Feedback

Receive valuable feedback through customer surveys and questionnaires.

Facilitate Discussion Boards

Challenges are great for one-on-one activities, but there are many times where including a group adds more value. That’s where discussion boards come in. You’re able to post topics and customers can respond with comments and ideas. Allowing them to see others’ comments ignites even more innovation and valuable feedback — all while bringing the community closer together.

Reward Engagement

Customers earn points for each completed challenge. You can also award points for other activities such as participating in a discussion board topic. Customers exchange points for prizes that we manage for you.

Prizes include:

  • Gift Cards
  • Donations to Charity
  • Tech Products

Benefits For Multiple Areas of Your Business


Fuel marketing efforts with more case studies, social engagement, and testimonials.


Increase customer referrals and references. Plus, get feedback on the sales process.

Product Development

Receive valuable feedback from customers on product features and ideas.

Customer Success

Gain insight into how processes like onboarding and support can be improved.

Benefits for Your Customers

Not all of your customers will participate. VIP Crowd is designed for your best customers. This doesn’t mean the ones who spend the most. Customers who participate are your biggest advocates, super-users, and the ones that can provide the best insights.

VIP Crowd uses PERFECT gamification techniques to help spur activity:

  • Prizes
  • Exclusivity
  • Recognition
  • Fun
  • Education
  • Competition
  • Togetherness
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