Powerful Advocacy Programs with VIP Crowd

Build fun challenges in minutes that engage customers, attract new prospects, and grow your business.

Turn Customers Into Advocates

We make creating advocacy marketing programs easy without breaking the bank. Build fun challenges in minutes that engage your customers.

Product Reviews

Boost your ratings on third party websites with authentic customer reviews.

Social Community

Grow your social presence with followers, shares, and user generated content.

Customer Stories

Generate more case studies, testimonials, and videos from your customers.

Customer Referrals

Get personalized introductions to prospects from your customers.

Event Attendance

Increase attendance at your webinars, user groups, and conferences.

Product Feedback

Receive valuable feedback through customer surveys and questionnaires.

Customers Earn Rewards

Customers earn points for each completed challenge. Points can be exchanged for prizes like gift cards, donations to charity, and more. Don’t worry about housing an inventory of gifts – we manage all the rewards for you.

Great Customer Experience Always Wins

The importance of providing a great experience throughout the entire customer journey is undeniable. Your advocacy marketing program is no different. Customers engage more on VIP Crowd because:

  • The platform is extremely easy to use.
  • Points can be pooled from multiple vendors to earn better rewards.
  • They can choose to use our free vendor management solution.
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