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The VIP Crowd Engagement Hub makes it fun and easy for your employees and customers to provide feedback and promote your company.

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Create activities that get your customers and employees talking about your brand, providing feedback, and having fun.

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Support your sales and marketing efforts by turning your best customers and employees into brand advocates.

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Show your customers and employees how much you appreciate them and why they should continue to work with you.

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See how your team can easily join the VIP Crowd community and reward your best customers and employees for having fun.

“Customers and employees are the true VIPs of any company, but most companies do not properly engage with them. Sending an annual or quarterly survey and filing away the results is not engaging. We built VIP Crowd’s engagement hub with a human touch utilizing proven gamification and user behavior techniques. This makes it fun for customers and employees to provide feedback and advocacy for your company.”

Mark Wilson
CEO & Founder of VIP Crowd
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