VIP Crowd for Associations

VIP Crowd is a fun way to motivate and reward your members for getting involved and learning about your association sponsors.

Grow Revenue While Boosting Member Engagement

Balancing the relationships between members and sponsors is a major challenge. Sponsors want more ways to reach members, but members don’t want to get spammed with emails. VIP Crowd is a fun way to reward your members for learning about your sponsors.

How It Works

Sponsors post quick challenges for members to complete. Examples include asking for feedback, posting poll questions, and registering for webinars.

Association members can win prizes for challenges they choose to complete.

Everyone Benefits With VIP Crowd

VIP Crowd helps you create a more engaging experience, where everyone wins:

Associations get more sponsorship revenue and provide members with a fun experience.

Sponsors get more access to members throughout the year.

Members have fun and win prizes while increasing industry knowledge, without increasing emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for VIP Crowd?

Sponsors pay an annual fee which is shared with the association. There is no charge to the association for using VIP Crowd.

How many challenges can sponsors post?

Your challenges are only ever shared with the VIPs you invite to VIP Crowd. You can also filter your VIPs and share certain challenges with only specific groups.

Can associations post challenges as well?

Yes, associations can post challenges for members to complete. Challenges are a great way for associations to onboard new members, re-engage existing members, attract young professionals, and diversify contacts at member companies.

Who invites members?

The association invites their members to join VIP Crowd.

How do members win prizes?

For each challenge completed, members receive at least one entry into VIP Crowd’s weekly Loneliest Number game. Associations may also offer their own contests, and sponsors can offer bonus points for completed challenges. Bonus points can be redeemed for tech products, gift cards, and donations to charity. VIP Crowd will help you design the best program for you, your members, and your sponsors.

What types of prizes does VIP Crowd give away for the Loneliest Number game?

VIP Crowd has a different giveaway every week. Past prizes include: Apple Watch, TV, Keurig, $250 Amazon Gift Card, Roomba, etc. In addition, VIP Crowd always donates $100 to the charity chosen by the winner of The Loneliest Number.

Is member contact information shared with sponsors?

No. However, members can choose to share their info as part of some challenges. An example would be if they choose to sign up for a sponsor webinar or do a one-on-one product demo with the vendor. This is similar to how a member can choose to provide sponsors their business card at a tradeshow.

How do I know members will participate?

VIP Crowd uses many proven forms of gamification including prizes, contests, leaderboards, and streaks to keep members engaged.

How much time does it take to manage for associations?

The only time requirement for VIP Crowd is when you invite your members to join. VIP Crowd will assign you an account manager to provide materials for members and sponsors. Because VIP Crowd shares revenue with the association, we are both aligned to ensure the best experience possible for both members and sponsors.

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