Feature Your Solution on VIP Crowd

Attract VIPs by promoting your company solution for FREE on VIP Crowd. You only pay for the meeting requests you accept.

Create Ads in Minutes

Featuring your product or service is easy! Simply enter your ad copy, image, and target audience. Once we approve it, it’ll be live in the Featured Solution section of VIP Crowd. Remember, impressions and clicks are free.

Reach Company Decision-Makers

Your “featured solution” ad will be shown to VIPs (prospects) in your target market. If a VIP wants to learn more, they request a call and provide a reason why they are interested. You’ll receive a list of all interested VIPs.

Accept or Decline Meetings

We provide you profiles of the interested VIPs as well as the reasons they entered for wanting to learn more about your solution. You choose to either accept or decline the meetings. You will not be charged for any meetings you turn down.

Assign to a Team Member

Once you accept a meeting, choose if you will conduct the meeting yourself or assign it to another team member, likely a sales rep. All you need to do is enter their contact info, and everything will be emailed to them.

Support Worthy Causes

For each meeting you accept, we’ll share a significant portion of the cost per meeting with a charity of the VIP’s choice.

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